Carbon Express Shooters Dominate in Denmark

All But One Gold Medal Belong To Carbon Express

Michigan – Carbon Express, a leader in arrow technology, innovation and precision is proud to announce that Carbon Express tournament shooters took all, but one gold medal at the Danish Indoor Nationals. A listing of the Carbon Express shooters that received medals is listed below:

Men’s Compound Senior: Gold - Martin Damsbo,
Silver – Patrick Laursen
Bronze – Torben Johannessen
European Championship Team: Torben Johannessen
Women’s Compound: Gold – Camilla Soemod
Cadet Compound: Gold – Simon Mikkelsen
Silver – Stephan Hansen
Women Recurve Senior: Gold – Louise Laursen

It is quite evident that Carbon Express was well represented with the top three finishers in the Men’s Compound Senior and top two finishers in the Cadet Compound using and winning with Carbon Express® arrows. About Carbon Express® Carbon Express®, an Eastman Outdoors Inc. brand, is the leading manufacturer of high performance carbon hunting and target arrows and arrow components for hunters and target shooters. For more information or customer service visit, or call 800.241.4833.

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