XT 4-Blade

Double Damage

About Product
  • Strong one-piece main blade construction.
  • Curved cutting blade surface for greater penetration.
  • Back of main and bleeder blade are sharpened for greater damage.
ModelWeightCutting DiameterBlade ThicknessQty
55515100 grains1 1/8"0.058"3 pack
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My review
Sep 6 2011

I bought 9 of these early this year 3 for practice and six for the hunt. I bought dozens of arrows from the maxima to the walmart model. I have found them all to be excellent. I figured anything from CE would be top nock.
I have always used Muzzy, a great product as well, but I have broken too many blades and for some reason that bothers me. I liked the idea of a solid one piece design; the thickness of the main blade makes this thing super solid. The main blades are easy to sharpen, I dont feel they're sharp enough out of the box. The bleeders are nearly impossible to sharpen and could be a little bigger. The blades are tough I've shot ; plywood, 2x4' s, a brick , delta buck and dirt. I destroyed some arrows but the blade really held up. After sharpening it's still a little jagged but still useable.
I've shot this broadhead in winds 0-45 out to about 36 yards. Overall these things are accurate. Split on my fist two shots and destroyed many other arrows and fletchings. High winds definitely have an effect buy knowing that you can easily compensate. I had really good results and most of my testing was done with older arrows that had been shot 100's, of times, gotta love the arrows.
If I had a complaint I guess it would the sound. When it's really calm
and quiet I can hear whistle from the blade. It's so faint I sometimes and still question whether I am being too critical. It's very faint and most of the time I can't hear it at all. Seems that as wind noise increases the less you hear it.
Penetration is pretty good, I get about an inch less penetration in my delta than I get with a muzzy 100, which as you know is more than enough. The negligable loss is well worth the trade off for durability.
I still havent stuck it in an animal but I plan on testing on a doe early in the season.what it does in the field is what really matters.
Overall these are a good broadhead for the money which is why I chose them in the first place. I prefer to leave my hunting broadheads unshot and have an extra set to practice with; it can get pricey. I still wish I would have just saved up for the f-15's, but I'm sure they'll be at the end if my arrow next year. I've also been testing the laser Eye and will probably review if anyone's interested.

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Awesome Broadhead!!!
Nov 14 2011

This broadhead was suggested by the tech at my local bow shop for my recurve bow. 55# draw and a 380 grain arrow. He said it would penetrate and fly well. And they did!!! Shot a doe at 6 yards broadside. Blew straight through her like butter. Hit her a little high and back, but she only went 40 yards. Couldn't be any happier with them. They even shoot well with my Bowtech Allegience at 315 fps!!!!

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XT 4 Killer Broadhead
Dec 2 2011

I purchased these Broadheads because of their cut on contact design. They fly like filed points too....VERY ACCURATE...Blow thru deer like hot butter. Can't beat the Quality for the Price. Very Strong Heads....Highly Recommend!!

XT 4-Blade

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